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    If you'd ask us about ParaHair, of course we would tell you how amazing of a quality hair extensions it is, and how they are going to transform you in minutes into gorgeous, sexy & fabulous new You. ParaHair - Page Two

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What Our Customers Are Saying

ParaHair prides itself on customer service and satisfaction by ensuring top quality hair extensions and wigs. See what other customers had to say about their hair extensions and wigs purchases online.

  • Taylor Medfo - From USA

  • These extensions are amazingly perfect. They look like they are my own hair and they add length and volume to it. I will use the parahair extensions again!

  • Vivienne - From USA

  • I had made right choice on purchasing this set extension. After several applications I found this set extensions may be the simplest and easiest hair extension to use. I recommend them.

  • Rhoda - From USA

  • I bought my new extensions a few weeks ago to match my new hairstyle. They were immediately perfect. After several wearing, I washed them, and they stayed healthy. If you're going for the scene look, there's just enough hair to equally pull it to hang over your chest. You guys did a good job. Thank you!

  • Berthara - From USA

  • Last Monday I placed my order, I love the color. I should recommend my favorite set to you guys. It is the most awesome hair, making me look especially beautiful!

  • Phoebe - From USA

  • I received my new set extensions, I was really happy with this product! They came fairly quickly and they were packaged nicely. They look very natural and beautiful. I feel like such a pretty lady! The hair is so very smooth and silky and it doesn't tangle! (Unlike OTHER hair extensions I've had in the past).

  • Meams - From USA

  • It is so natural and I I just love it! I really love ordering from you guys because I know I'm going to get god quality and the best customer service!

  • Florence G - From USA

  • I order always on parahair because they are the best. The extensions are cheap but with an excellent quality. I wait only 6 days to have my products into my hands , That's great. I recommend this website! Thanks to para.

  • Hayley - From USA

  • I have purchased these twice now and been very pleased both times! They match my natural hair color very closely. I ordered them the first time to wear on special occasions, but I wear them frequently now. They have held up great; I brush, wash, and style them often. Overall great product; will definitely purchase again!

  • Lynette - From Australia

  • I received my order within 5 days. I'm very pleased with them they're the right length, and color I ordered also they look nicely and real human hair.

  • Shannon Penn - From USA

  • My friend told me to buy from here, the extensions is really nice. They blended with my hair perfectly. Arrived promptly and I am very happy!

If you would also like to share your experience with us, please do write to us. We love to hear from you!